As Muslims, we are honoured to be able to preserve our modesty, respect, lineage and hearts through Nikah. However, the fact that we adhere strictly to the Sunnah, yet we people are few in number, means that finding someone else upon the Sunnah too can be difficult!

No Stress

We also struggle to find them in the correct way, how am I supposed to know if this potential spouse is truly compatible with me? I can't go out with them, I can't speak to them, I can't even look at them?! The answer is here, and it is all possible!

The Sunnah

Sunnah Match is a service which will indeed continue to follow the Sunnah, in these times too, and prove its effectiveness is finding you the perfect spouse!


Here, a dedicated and experienced team will hand-pick your match from a database full of people who are upon the Sunnah. All candidates fill out a detailed marriage profile form, which is how you know you'll find compatible matches.


"10/10 service!! The matchmakers from sunnah match were trustworthy and reliable, my wali was involved since the start and the entire process was done in accordance to how it should be! Very happy with the service and my husband"


Completely Halal

Unlike other marriage matching services, we don't compromise; there are no Haram or doubtful elements. No marriages without guardians, no free-mixing via online chats, no downloadable pictures, and no intimate details, no unapproved fake profiles. We encourage Muslims to marry sooner, if they have the necessary knowledge about marriage, and we even provide candidates with direction on where and how to learn these things according to the authentic, orthodox Sunnah! In fact, we may sometimes contact candidates personally to help advise them on what would increase their chances of finding the correct person for them. As you can tell, the process is strictly Sunnah!

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Please understand that this service is currently UK ONLY. After you've processed your payment please allow up to 24 hours for the marriage form to be sent to you to process your application further. We hope to be able to contact you with suitable matches within a few weeks after your form submission, however this is not guaranteed.

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